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BigCommerce is a public tech company and provides a SaaS ecommerce system. The company was established in 2009 and contains 600+ employees with headquarters in Austin, Texas. Its features include customer classes and segmentation, search engine optimization, hosting, and much more.

BigCommerce Characteristics

1.Website Customization

BigCommerce is a highly customizable platform. The BigCommerce Stencil upgrade frame permits customers to boost fast-loading templates to their particular business requirements. These pre-built responsive templates help you easily and quickly build an online shop that resonates with your customers and showcases your products. Stencil additionally allows developers to personalize cart templates for added control.

Also, BigCommerce includes its Akamai Image Manager within its subjects no extra cost to you. The image manager automatically optimizes each image for devices and browsers to ensure beautiful display and quick load times. BigCommerce also lets you test the website before publishing to ensure everything is exactly the way you want it.

2.SEO & Analytics Optimization

BigCommerce consists of built-in SEO features to help companies increase organic exposure. Its analytics dashboard offers customer insights and visibility into product and page level performance. BigCommerce admits that the analytics suites as a key differentiator and therefore, their in-house staff proceeds to invest in enhancing the dashboard.

3.Payment & Inventory Management

BigCommerce supports an assortment of third-party payment services. This attribute makes it possible for businesses to create the decision of which service is a ideal match for them based on attributes that align with their target users.

BigCommerce will not penalize businesses using non-standard payment gateways and also makes it possible to manage inventory and orders from a single site. You might also use third-party fulfillment software to scale your business as you grow.

4.Program Integrations

BigCommerce integrates with outside applications and keeps a market of tested and approved third-party programs. The busy app developer community and also a well-stocked program marketplace helps companies find customized components or desirable features that may boost their sites. integrates HubSpot CRM functionality with BigCommerce shops This enables merchants to recapture lost earnings associated with abandoned carts, segment their customer population and automate emails and workflows by devoting HubSpot using BigCommerce data.

Although apps can improve your store, BigCommerce also supplies significant out-of-the-box performance and does not require external applications to operate (such as Shopify).

How much does BigCommerce price?

BigCommerce’s pricing plan options include: Standard ($29.95/month), Plus ($79.95/month), Guru ($299.95/month) and Business plans with pricing based on a customers online earnings. ** Pro program: Starting at $299.95/mo for less than $400k in online sales, +$150/mo for every additional $200k in online sales.

Who’s Not a Great Fit for BigCommerce?

BigCommerce might not be a match for your website if your company requires a heavily personalized order flow, checkout procedure or access to saved credit card information. For more complex business needs like these, the possible cost savings may be diminished since BigCommerce may not yet have present performance to precisely match your needs. If you’re interested in researching more SaaS options, we recommend exploring our blog about Magento competitors.

BigCommerce: Advantages


With customers using credit cards to finish sales, you need to ensure your online storefront is protected. And also to help you build the credibility similar to ecommerce giants such as Amazon, BigCommerce provides multiple layers of security. The platform even permits you to integrate features such as PayPal or Google Wallet, for all those shoppers that are particularly suspicious. Plus, the professionals in BigCommerce will deal with all of your safety and compliance concerns about the backend, which means you don’t have to.

2.Impressive marketing and advertising functions.

 If you build it, they will come–as long as you market, that is. Marketing is just as critical to your store’s success as its performance, and because of this, BigCommerce supplies an impressive suite of integrated advertising purposes. You’ll access an SEO-friendly page set-up, plus ad integration and generator with both Google Shopping and eBay.

3.Efficient customer services.

What happens when you require help or more info? No worries–the helpful customer care in BigCommerce has you covered. You’re able to reach out by telephone or email for replies to your inquiries, and you will even be assigned a dedicated customer care team member as your adviser. Add to the the array of online service, and you’re going to discover that no customer support stone is left unturned.

Cons of BigCommerce


 Although BigCommerce is transparent about its pricing and offers a monthly subscription fee, additional charges drive the cost up. In addition to your monthly payment, you will tack on credit card charges and other add-ons, such as programs and plugins. This can make BigCommerce a costly choice based on all the features you’ll want.

2.There may not be a program for that.

 Though BigCommerce offers a program store, the availability of apps is limited compared to its rivals.


BigCommerce embodies a whole lot of what is right with SaaS eCommerce platforms. By enabling third-party development and including more features and functionality off the shelf, BigCommerce provides a turnkey solution that is more open to customization.

Hopefully this blog was a helpful jumping-off point for the platform exploration. Please don’t hesitate to reach out throughout the form below in the event that you have any queries or would love to chat more about your specific business requirements.