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What’s ShortStack?

ShortStack is an electronic advertising platform constructed for involvement, lead group and marketing automation. Create unique competition landing pages and quizzes, and run societal competitions, select winners, send mails and examine outcomes – all from 1 spot. From instant win and photo-vote competitions to hashtag competitions and easy sweepstakes, utilize our readymade, customizable templates to construct mobile-responsive landing pages in moments.


  • Perfect for rapid landing pages & guide gen. good to optimise & email triggers developed in are a wonderful touch.”
  • “Super simple to handle ourselves, very instinctive design and choices. Freedom to begin from scratch or use one of the many predesigned templates. Customer support is A+”
  • “-quite simple to use -simple to scale -the number of ready made templates and the ability to customise them”


  • “Not really loving the new layout, but I am certain I will get accustomed to it. Everybody grumbles about change”
  • “Quite non-user friendly in regards to style. Service is much too expensive for a small company like ours”
  • “I found it challenging to prepare the header and background exactly how I needed it. I wish that there were more templates as well as the basic package”

Instapage Characteristics

The above overview of Instapage surely should be tempting for anybody who is searching for a strong yet easy-to-use landing page builder.

However, how well have these features been implemented? And are they as good as they seem? Let’s find out by researching the crucial characteristics of Instapage in detail.


The advertising content for Instapage asserts there are over 200 templates to choose from, however, when browsing the library, there seemed to be more like 80. Some of the templates were not complete landing page choices either, like the thank you page templates, so don’t allow the headline figure of more than 200 templates unduly influence your decision.


Whether you begin with a blank canvas or among the templates, the editor of Instapage gives you the liberty to produce a custom landing page. In reality, freedom is most likely the key word when describing the Instapage landing page editor.


If you are going to be creating multiple landing pages, either on your own or your clients, Instapage includes a great timesaving feature which you might appreciate. That feature is known as Instablocks, and it enables you to construct a library of reusable assets, or blocks, which you can insert into some of your landing pages.

Landing Publishing Options

As Soon as You’ve created a landing page with Instapage, you have a few Alternatives for publishing it that include:

Publishing it in your own domainname.

Publishing it onto a WordPress website via a free plugin.

Publishing it on a Drupal Site.

You can also test your landing pages on a demo domain provided by Instapage, however it’s not recommended that you conduct campaigns on any landing pages published in this way. Instead, you should use a domain you have registered elsewhere.


Your Instapage landing pages may be integrated with a wide range of third party solutions, such as analytics tools, email marketing services and webinar providers. If you want to market products with Instapage, you can join your landing pages to a Shopify ecommerce store or even PayPal to collect payments online.

It is also possible to incorporate Instapage with Zapier to connect your landing pages with much more apps and solutions. If you want to join your landing pages to a specific service, it’s well worth checking out the integration documentation to find out if it’s possible with Instapage.


As soon as you’ve published a landing page, you should begin tracking how it’s performing. One option is to utilize the built-in heatmap instrument to see exactly what your customers have been performing while viewing your webpages, like where they’ve been clicking or just how far they have been scrolling.

If your landing page isn’t generating as many leads as you’d hoped for, the heatmap could reveal any potential issues, like buttons your visitors are not recognizing are buttons or forms that are too far down the page, outside where many of your viewers is scrolling .

As well as heatmaps, you might also observe the conversion rates of your webpages along with other analytics info to help you to track their own effectiveness. Incorporating with Google Analytics gives you even more insight to how your webpages are doing.

To help you to get even more conversions out of your visitors, Instapage enables you to conduct A/B tests in your landing pages, too. Throughout the controls you can create a copy of a landing page, and then make changes to the new version of the page, such as changing the call to actions. Instapage will then show different variations of your page to your customers to determine which one performs the best.

Conclusion:- The WordPress integration was well executed, so in the event that you would like to release landing pages in your WordPress site, it is very simple with Instapage and its own totally free plugin. However, as covered previously, it is just as simple to release landing pages in your domains in case you do not need to print them in your WordPress site. To keep things easy, Instapage manages all the hosting to you.

The capability to provide downloads and accumulate leads through your landing pages, in addition to incorporate your webpages with a great deal of third-party providers, makes Instapage appropriate for various kinds of projects. On the other hand, the marginally limited alternatives for selling goods directly via your landing pages can put off some readers.