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Liquid Web is a hosting company specializing in cloud and web professionals. The business was founded 22 decades ago and currently employs nearly 250+ knowledgeable administrators, engineers, customer support agents, and technicians.

The company concentrates on the quality of both managed hosting providers and technical support staff. They provide dedicated servers, cloud VPS hosting, hosting cloud websites, managed WordPress hosting, handled WooCommerce hosting, hosting and custom hosting options.

Liquid Web hosting testimonials are usually very favorable, and lots of bloggers have commended their super-fast load time and committed support staff. I have been wanting to examine them for a while now, so let’s get going and look at the good (and poor ) sides of their controlled WordPress offer.

We provide managed hosting products and services to over 45,000+ clients, spanning 150 nations. Our privately-owned, international data centers include our onsite 24/7/365 Heroic Support available via email, telephone, and discussion.

Who Owns Liquid Web?

In 2015, the creator of Liquid Web, Matthew Hill, sold the company to Chicago-based investment firm Madison Dearborn Partners.

The business has invested in a lot of other tech-based companies, such as PayPal, MetroPCS, and Nexel. The purchase of Liquid Web doesn’t appear to have affected their service or the quality of their hosting support.

Why Are Liquid Web Hosting Strategies Expensive?

When you are shopping around for hosting and first see Liquid Internet’s pricing, it is sensible to be somewhat amazed by the high rates.

But you need to understand the costs in the right circumstance.

Past Shared Hosting

First, most cheap prices on other hosting platforms are for shared hosting. You share the price and resources of a server with other customers.

Liquid Web stopped offering shared hosting so that they could concentrate on higher tiered hosting where the fun innovation occurs.

This Enables them to Concentrate on bringing value in 2 major ways:

Better hosting performance and expertise

Better support.

Whether these are important enough to you to justify the price will depend on what kinds of websites you’re building.

This whole Liquid Web review focuses on why those aspects will or won’t help you.

Is your Customer Support Worth the Price?

For some, the additional level of performance and management is enough of a reason to decide on a host like Liquid Web.

However, you might be unsure still.

The other main source of value, as stated, is an amazing support. Based on how beneficial it is for you, it must make your choice apparent one way or the other.

Support was Liquid Web’s biggest feature even ten decades ago when I first tried them as I started to learn web development.

To begin with, there is a 100% uptime guarantee. Not too important unless your site going down for a few minutes can cost tens of thousands of dollars or more.

Heroic Support

What is usually more relevant is that the”Heroic Support.”

Liquid Web offers 24/7/365 telephone, chat, and email service.

But what’s always impressed me is that the quality of that customer support. Whenever I’ve had a problem, even if it’s something that I awakened, I always received in-depth, clearly personalized reaction.

Support on most other hosts involves talking to someone who’s doing service concurrently for 5 other white-labeled hosting websites.

Liquid Web’s new service techs get over 300 hours of training in their first year. They know hosting really well, plus they understand Liquid Web really well.

There’s also a fairly good knowledge base, but it might be categorized better. You can try a quick search to find what you’re searching for, but for the most part, you can simply contact support and find a quicker solution.

The Two Types of People Liquid Web is Excellent For

Depending on the types of hosting programs we’ve looked at, it’s apparent there are two situations where you can get the most value out of Liquid Web.


First is when you are developing several sites, for whatever reason. Between the managed WordPress and cloud sites plans, the cost per site is pretty reasonable. Or if these sites are relatively big, you can get a whole dedicated server.

This is a great alternative for freelance developers that sponsor customer sites. If you are only looking to learn to construct websites, the operation is probably over-the-top, however, the service might be well worth the price.

High-Traffic Websites

Another principal situation is for companies with one website that receives a whole lot of traffic that is traffic. Where the website operating slowly or going down for a short time can cost a great deal of money. The performance and support are well worth it in this case.


  • Excellent Committed, VPS, cloud, and reseller packages.
  • High-end specs.
  • Terrific customer support and uptime in analyzing.


  • Lacks shared hosting programs.
  • Expensive.


Testing Liquid Web has been a really enjoyable and smooth process. I had no experience with them prior to writing this review, but the company made sure that I was happy as one of the customers.

I especially loved the fact that 20 minutes after subscribing to one of their strategies, LiquidWeb delivered me an email inviting me to log into my new WordPress site that they have established and configured for me. The website was fully prepared, permalinks were set up, and a working SSL certificate was already configured from the site.

My contacts with the support team were great, and the company kept its 24/7 365 days a year availability promise. The bandwidth and site load speed are exceptional, as a result of the speedy SSD drives used on servers.

Liquid Web is not the cheapest host around, but it is undoubtedly among the best offers concerning performance, rate, and support on the market of today.