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Squarespace is a site builder tool that’s aimed mostly at small business owners.

To put it differently, instead of loading a similar web design bundle up and churning out lines of code to build a website, you do everything online utilizing Squarespace’s templates and design editor.

You select a template, then click the pieces of the layout that you wish to tweak, then adjust controllers in the design editor to alter them. By way of instance, you could click on some text and then use a new typeface; click a backdrop and alter its color; etc.

However, generally speaking, Squarespace is a site builder that isn’t meant for people who wish to tinker also much: it’s a platform that, generally speaking, motivates you to select a template, insert a few text and graphics and hit the’go’ button.

And you do not need to purchase any individual hosting to construct a Squarespace — your website is constructed and hosted on Squarespace’s servers. The theory behind this would be to continue into a’all-purpose’ approach.

This technique of website construction has its own advantages and disadvantages, and we are going to go through them under — after a glance at pricing.

Squarespace’s Support and Help

Squarespace comes in our search for assistance and support, making a 4.0/5. This amount comes in Squarespace’s little, but Higher Excellent Assortment of support alternatives :

Thus, you may be thinking about, why does not Squarespace get an ideal 5/5? That is because this builder does not currently provide telephone assistance, which can be a significant element for some. In spite of this, we rate Squarespace for its client support — notably its amazingly in-depth knowledge foundation.

The Squarespace knowledge foundation comes packaged with guides, articles, and video tutorials. You may also subscribe to webinars or even join discussions on the forum.

It actually is among the most comprehensive and dependable aid centers around.

Client Satisfaction

Our study does not only mean assessing data and comparing costs. We got regular individuals to check Squarespace and let’s precisely what they believed.

In general, Squarespace did pose an obstacle to our participants, but nevertheless got some notable scores. People reacted favorably when we asked them for comments, with Squarespace’s powerful templates and instinctive design drawing particular compliments.

Folks mostly agreed it’d take a while to understand your way round Squarespace. But they also agreed the builder actually shone in regards to style, in addition to the attributes supplied within templates.

Another point raised by our customers was that, due to its feature-packed templates, Squarespace are a particularly good option if you had a crystal clear idea about what you wanted out of your site, or had images or products to flaunt.

What are the Pros and Cons of Squarespace?


  • Stunning templates optimized for desktops, tablet computers and cellular devices
  • Squarespace mobile apps allow you to edit pages, blog posts, and e commerce functions on-the-go
  • Ability to restore deleted posts and webpages for up to 30 days


  • No program store means you are reliant on in-built attributes
  • The editor may be a little too manual — for example, you’ll be prompted to save your work after each change, but it does not autosave on its own


The rather complex editing interface used to be a significant sticking point in the past. Fortunately, this has been improved in version 7. Although still not ideal, the site builder currently permits for actual point and click interaction. This speeds up your site building efforts and allows you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

However, sometimes it seems a little too slippery, which can require an adequate amount of trial and error until you are entirely familiar with the editor. Some of the page components are limited to a icon and don’t reveal their purpose immediately. Fortunately, Squarespace supplies many great tutorials that explain all of the tools.

Each yearly plan contains a domain name. To include premium features you’ll need the”Business” program at $18/month.

Our evaluations have demonstrated that Squarespace is still a trusted site builder; however, its webpage speed needs advancement . Squarespace isn’t ideal, but we agree with their slogan: “Better sites for everybody.” If you are interested in finding Squarespace options , you might also need to test out Like Squarespace, they are very focused on design aesthetics and normally a bit more flexible than Squarespace.