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About WiX

The Windows Installer XML, is a free program toolset that builds Windows Installer packages from an XML document. It supports a command-line environment that developers may integrate into their build processes to build MSI and MSM setup packages. WiX Was the very first software published by Microsoft under an open-minded license Known as Common Public License. The WiX distribution comprises Votive, a Visual Studio add-in which allows creating and building WiX setup projects using the Visual Studio IDE. Votive supports syntax highlighting and IntelliSense for .WXS source documents and provides a WiX setup project type .wixproj to Visual Studio.


Rating: Outstanding

I stand Impressed with the selection of attributes Wix has to offer you. Everything provided is well-designed, simple, and simple to gather.

What is More, the attribute list keeps growing time. Recent feature upgrades include the capability to exhibit booking services everywhere on your website, schedule societal posts, and delegate tasks to website contributors.

General Characteristics

· Social Media: Wix is highly integrated with social networking platforms also lets users incorporate Facebook remark boxes, Twitter Tweet buttons, a sexy bar of links to social networking outlets, along with many other small widgets everywhere on the website.

· Website: Add a site to any Site. Permit users to comment in your site, and include contributors to handle the website on your behalf.

· Mobile Compatibility: Website visitors can see your site on almost any mobile device. You could even manage several elements of your website from cellular. By way of instance, you can monitor inventory and manage requests, accept reservations, and manage your own site using the Wix Mobile App.

· Wix Chat: Utilize live chat to attach with your website visitors and supply customer service.

· Analytics: Track your website’s traffic and performance utilizing built-in analytics programs.

Industry-Specific Characteristics

· You can manage the look and feel of your shop with Wix’s editing programs, create discounts and coupons, and establish customized tax and transport rules for your own orders. Watch our Ease Of Use section to learn more on building an internet shop with Wix.

· The budding restaurateur, Wix supplies a menu component, a booking system, also, Most impressively, a whole online ordering method. You can provide both pickup and delivery.

Who Should Use WIX

Their visually impressive designs are designed for little Businesses, restaurants, online shops and musicians such as photographers and musicians. They’re optimized for mobile devices and could be spiced up with one of those quite a few apps available in the Wix App Market.

In a way you can compare Wix to a prefabricated house: the Fundamental arrangement already exists and can not be changed. You can, however, paint the walls into your gusto (select a theme) and add the furniture you love (picture galleries and other apps —

In Reality, I used it to make our own bilingual company Site Called We had a particular design in mind and simply needed a fast way to construct it. Also, I did not want to have to consider security upgrades etc. which meant WordPress wasn’t an alternative.

In the Long Run I believed both Weebly and Wix (our top-rated Builders) and proceeded for Wix. Together with Weebly there was just no perfect way to make our Design look good on mobile devices. Working together with the Wix editor has been a breeze, Offering useful tools like photo filters and texts that are animated. But before Preparing to swipe your credit card, remember that every site has Various requirements.

Wix Website Pricing Plans

Wix has four strategies for People who only need to build a web site, rather than an internet store. For those of you wanting to construct a private site, portfolio, or maybe a business website, these plans will probably be for you!

These programs vary in Price from just $13 a month up to $39 a month.

 Combo PlanUnlimted PlanPro PlanVIP Plan
HighDefination VideoUp to 30 MinutesUp to 2 HoursUP to 2 HoursUp to 2 Hours


I would recommend it with no reservations for smaller sites (not more than 30 pages) which have to look flawless. Why not also for bigger projects, you ask? Regrettably the navigation menu doesn’t really adapt complex site structures as there’s just one sub-level. Weebly usually works better for large websites.

Wix has the Broadest selection of prebuilt designs for any sort of business. As it’s not possible to change to some other theme after your initial choice, it’s more difficult to revamp your site’s layout (you’ll have to redesign it manually or start from scratch). On the positive side, this limitation facilitates Wix’s greatest strength: unmatched flexibility in your favorite theme.

And even if sometime down the street You’d like to Enter the Ecommerce game you can easily incorporate a shopping cart at comparatively little price.

What Wix has Made here is certainly impressive in many ways with a development rate that Just make sure you test out the free program before Switching to a paid plan to find out if it’s the right choice for you.